On “The Beauty Inside” (another Korean film)

How would it feel like to wake up every day with a different face and body? This film narrates the life of such a person. The main character, Woo-jin, is a furniture designer who wakes up in a different body every day. Sometimes he can be an old lady in her 70s, or an 8-year-old boy, or a 25-year-old Swedish man. Yet, he is still the same person inside.

He appears as a different person every day

How does he cope with seeing an unfamiliar face in the mirror every morning? In a society like South Korea where one’s identity and self-worth are based heavily on his look, how does he even live? Can he find love and get accepted for who he is (cough, it’s called the “beauty inside”, cough).

The film sets out to unravel the fictional problem of constantly changing appearance. Its attempt is laudable, but because the problem is inherently illogical, the film leaves much to be open to the viewers’ imagination.

The best part of this film is probably the number of actors and actresses participating to portray the same character. It’s like a multi-course buffet that lets you try so many dishes, but never quite fills your stomach up. A few “dishes” that I was glad to have:




To sum it up, the movie was intriguing and appealing enough to make me stay for 2 hours, but I wouldn’t re-watch it.

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