On “Veteran” (a Korean film)

Just finished watching it so I reckon I should write something while it is still fresh in my mind.

“Veteran” is the 3rd-highest grossing film in South Korean cinema history and I watched it with some expectations. Being an action comedy, “Veteran” is packed with satisfying adrenaline-rush fight scenes – they are passionate, satisfying and highly skillful. Every kick, punch, and dodge is paced perfectly and goes really well with the hard-punching, 90-esque indie/folk rock background.

The plot is kept simple, I think on purpose so that viewers can focus on the physical gag and hyperbole. The protagonist, So Do Cheol, is a skilled and upright policeman, who doesn’t waver in the face of our antagonist, Jo Tae Oh, a ruthless, somewhat stupid, spoiled son of a rich conglomerate. There might have been several plot holes, such as why Jo Tae Oh, being so rich and powerful, didn’t have Do Cheol killed etc… That said, the straightforward plot keeps the film “light-hearted” and allows me to focus more on the aesthetic elements.

As for the actors, they are all very charming and convincing at portraying their characters.

Who would have thought that such a likable innocent-looking boy from “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” would be successful at being a jerk?
Yoo Ah In as Jo Tae Oh was an excellent choice

Overall, “Veteran” a well-made film suited for sharing with family during the weekend (though the rough fights do not make it PG-12). I would watch it again for the music and Yoo Ah In :).

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