Today I learned…: Time

Hellyah. I’m still posting, my dear sistah.

    “Time is a man-made illusion” – quoted from my smartie roommate. “What is “time”?”, I asked her. Time is an independent parameter in physics equation e.g. we take the derivative with respect to “time”. We measure “time” with a physical clock or change in the position of the clock hand. Essentially, we are trying to take a physical part of the universe to describe changes in the universe and call it a “clock”. Some physicists think that our brains observe, record change (as memories) and construct the sense of “time” as it is flowing. If nothing changes, time wouldn’t exist – or would it?
    Does it matter to an average person like me what “time” is? Honestly, it doesn’t matter if time is only a self-constructed illusion. It matters more that time is only relative – we don’t experience time the same way. One second to you can be forever to someone else. You personally don’t notice time “passing” any differently until you compare your clock with someone else. One implication of this is that our existence is really insignificant compared to the universe. We are just part of a snapshot that goes out as quickly as it comes. No one knows whether there is a second chance at life and we may never know. As it stands, everything will be nothing so it is best to live for the experience and you get to decide your own life purpose.
    For more intellectual eargasm, check out this channel on Youtube:


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